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Capital Raising

reAngle will invest in and/or assist in raising capital for our partners and clients.

We work with great companies to meet the challenge of raising equity capital or debt financing, working closely with clients in ways that carefully consider the partner’s needs. reAngle has access to its own investment pools that it can make available to certain qualified businesses.

Growth Capital
Debt Refinance

Acquisition Funding
Management Buy-outs

Shareholder Liquidity



We are a team of experienced investment bankers who, as trusted advisors, provide our clients with independent and personalized advice and execution services.

Preparation of Business Plans and advice on strategy
Preparation of conventional financing structures and plans

Preparation of unconventional financing structures and plans

Preparation for the company to qualify for private placements, IPO, credit financing, government financing, etc.

Provisioning of consultative studies

Performing high quality due diligence

We partner with a select number of clients to provide an exceptional service, precise financing and investment solutions and flexible schedule.
Please contact us for more details
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